APPPAustralian Pacific Paper Products
APPPArkansas Public Policy Panel
APPPAdvisers’ Professional Partnership Program
APPPArea Parking Permit Program
APPPAmerican Poor People Party
APPPAutomatic Pre-tax Premium Program
APPPAsia-Pacific Perceptions Project
APPPAssociation of Private Power Producers (Thailand)
APPPAsia Pacific Partner Program
APPPArmy Publishing and Printing Program
APPPAir Pollution Prevention Plan
APPPArizona Pacific Pulp and Paper
APPPAssessment Plan Preparation Program
APPPAssociação Portuguesa de Programadores Perl
APPPAssociation of Planned Parenthood Professionals (now Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)
APPPAcoustic Performance Prediction Program
APPPAgence des Partenariats Publics-Privés (French: Agency for Public-Private Partnerships; Canada)
APPPAcceptable Posting Practice Policy
APPPAppropriate Personal Pension Plan (UK)
APPPAntigenic Peptide Prediction Pipeline
APPPAnxiety/Panic/Phobia Program (UCLA)
APPPAnti-Power Point Party (Bonstetten, Switzerland)
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The APPP draws attention to business presentations, at which the participants consider their presence afterwards as futile.
Use of more than one APD for at least one month at a specified dosage range was considered as APPP use.
Low rate of clozapine combination is remarkable as preferred too few in polytherapy Polytherapy drugs mentioned in Table 4 and 6 are examples of the overdose of APD In addition, it is remarkable that the frequency of APPP administration increased as the depot APD administration increased.
APPP use was determined as common in young patients, suicide attempt cases, frequently hospitalized patients, patients with higher Clinical Overall Impression scores, and patients with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders.
a major Japanese maker of sanitary napkins and paper diapers, said Tuesday it has bought out Australian paper diaper maker APPP Parent Pty Ltd.
APPP, or Australian Pacific Paper Products, known for its BabyLove-brand products, turned over all of its outstanding shares to Unicharm the same day, the company said.
If the residuals from the cointegrating equations of I(2) variables are still nonstationary or if the RPPP relation is stationary while the APPP relation is not, does this imply that the APPP relation is basically nonstationary for high-inflation countries and therefore their exchange rates and price levels permanently wander from a stable long-run relationship?
It has long been argued that deviations from APPP may result from a number of factors, including transport costs and trade restrictions, the existence of nontraded goods and services, relative price changes, differential speeds of adjustment in the currency exchange markets and the goods markets, as well as the problems of price-level measurement associated with aggregation and index constructions (see Edison 1987, p.
The APPP sees itself as the advocate of approximately 250 million citizens worldwide, who, every month, are obliged to be present during boring presentations in companies, and who have not been represented in politics until now.
The APPP says, that, in 95% of the cases, the flipchart would beat PowerPoint, based on the effect.
In addition to manufacturing and distributing disposable diapers, APPP is a leading distributor of adult incontinence products.
APPP, based in Melbourne, was founded in 1988 and is Australia's second largest manufacturer and distributor of disposable diapers and adult incontinence products with annual sales of A$100 million.