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APPPAnti-Power Point Party (Bonstetten, Switzerland)
APPPAustralian Pacific Paper Products
APPPArkansas Public Policy Panel
APPPAdvisers’ Professional Partnership Program
APPPArea Parking Permit Program
APPPAmerican Poor People Party
APPPAutomatic Pre-tax Premium Program
APPPAsia-Pacific Perceptions Project
APPPAssociation of Private Power Producers (Thailand)
APPPAsia Pacific Partner Program
APPPArmy Publishing and Printing Program
APPPAir Pollution Prevention Plan
APPPArizona Pacific Pulp and Paper
APPPAssociação Portuguesa de Programadores Perl
APPPAssociation of Planned Parenthood Professionals (now Association of Reproductive Health Professionals)
APPPAssessment Plan Preparation Program
APPPAntigenic Peptide Prediction Pipeline
APPPAppropriate Personal Pension Plan (UK)
APPPAgence des Partenariats Publics-Privés (French: Agency for Public-Private Partnerships; Canada)
APPPAcceptable Posting Practice Policy
APPPAcoustic Performance Prediction Program
APPPAnxiety/Panic/Phobia Program (UCLA)
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From the introduction of the bill to create the agency to its dissolution, the APPP was at the centre of a vigorous public debate over the advantages and disadvantages of PPPs.
643, Associations, APPP; Documents concerning AECO, files 13 September 1926 H14 and 9 August 1927 G13, inv.
In previous studies, a few patients have benefited from APPP; however the prevalence of APD combination is '0-75% in schizophrenia patients (10,11,12,13,14,15).
At APPP Expo we look forward to meeting with prospective visitors and exhibitors to provide them with insights into what they can expect from the FESPA China event in November 2014."
Recently, we have fabricated four types of heterogeneous multicolor luminescent UTF materials (blue/red, blue/yellow, blue/green, and red/green emission) by using different photofunctional anions [bis(N-methylacridinium)@polyvinylsulfonate ion pairs and anionic derivatives of poly(p-phenylene) (APPP), poly(phenylenevinylene) (APPV), and poly(thiophene) (APT)] and LDH nanosheets as building blocks [47].
Risk factors for Alzheimer's disease Sociodemographic Increasing age, female, low educational levels Familial and genetic Family history Chromosome 1 (Presenilin-2 mutation) Chromosome 14 (Presenilin-1 mutation) Chromosome 21 (ApPP mutation) Down's syndrome (ApPP over expression) Medical history Head trauma Table 3.
APPP founder and communication coach Matthias Poehm said the findings should serve as a "wake-up call" to British businesses.
The Anti-PowerPoint Party (APPP) aims to prove that there are alternatives to the slick animations, screen-beanies and monologues, commonplace with software-based presentations.
The security appp protects users' identity and personal information if their mobile device is lost or stolen; remotely locks the mobile device; remotely wipes contacts, text messages and other personal information; sends a temporary access code to a trusted friend in case a password is forgotten; sends a map showing the location of a lost device and sounds a loud alert; blocks mobile threats; scans apps, web links and URLs; and checks for security updates every day.
The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) yesterday officially accepted the preliminary application for Hendry County, Florida's AirGlades Airport to participate in the Airport Privatisation Pilot Program (APPP).