APPPAAmerican Pastured Poultry Producers Association
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Given that the pasture in the APPPA study included orchard grass and crabgrass, in addition to clover, omega-oriented flocksters should be able to balance the ratio even further with high-omega forage blends.
But APPPA's Retske said that the days of physical calling cards are on the wane.
The farmers are also founding members of the new American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA) which helps producers around the country network with others.
HPI, a nonprofit development organization which is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, and promotes community development activities through livestock enterprises, sponsors the "Integration of Pastured Poultry Production into the Farming Systems of Limited Resource Farmers." The SARE grant also supports the formation of APPPA.
APPPA publishes a quarterly newsletter to promote the exchange of ideas and information, which include reviews of legal issues regarding on farm poultry processing, information on chicken feed, rations, new/used production and processing equipment, marketing, referrals, and sources of chicks.