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APPROAssociation of Power Producers of Ontario (formerly Independent Power Producers' Society of Ontario; Toronto, ON, Canada)
APPROAfghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (est. 2008; Kabul, Afghanistan)
APPROAssociation of Police Public Relations Officers
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Also, total operating expenses for 2013 are expected to be in the range of USD160m, which includes approximately USD10m in non-cash items including stock based compensation and the preliminary estimate of amortisation of items related to the Appro acquisition.
Country: USASector: Computer HardwareTarget: Appro International IncBuyer: Cray IncDeal size in USD: 21.
The system will come pre-configured with the Appro Cluster Engine(TM) (ACE) management software designed to manage large numbers of independent physical computers connected together by high-speed networks, allowing them to function as a single computing system.
Appro GreenBlades offer remote server management, high speed interconnect options and a choice of Linux or Windows operating systems.
With the 128GB of memory, the new Appro workstation is said to provide over four times the graphics, processor and memory bandwidth, providing 25% lower memory latency and twice the computing power of prior models.
Critical data has to be available data, and the new Appro AR3015 NAS is designed with redundant features to keep data flowing 24 hours a day," said Daniel Kim, CEO of Appro.
The Appro HyperBlade clusters will help support Staag Imaging's new proprietary Reverse-Time Migration algorithm.
Appro 1142H key features: Up to four AMD Opteron processors with simultaneous 32-bit and 64-bit computing capability, HyperTransport technology, support for up to 32GB of DDR memory in 16DIMM Sockets, 2 IDE or SCSI HDDs, slim FDD and CD drives or DVD ROM drive and a full PCI-X 64bit/133MHz riser slot.
By adding Appro, Cray will be in a good position to expand its supercomputer solutions portfolio, as it aims to convert into a top provider to clients across the entire supercomputing market, the buyera[euro](tm)s president and CEO Peter Ungaro said in a comment.
CRIF is the new owner of APPRO, the latest in its acquisition of American lending software and credit services operations.
a leading provider of high-performance enterprise computing systems, and NEC Corporation, one of the world's leading providers of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions, have announced a strategic partnership that will see Appro Xtreme- X(TM) Supercomputer and Appro Cluster Engine(TM) Software Management added and branded as part of NEC's HPC solution offering.