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Proportion of Appeals With Procedural Defects % defaults % stricken AD 0.19% 0.58% Apptd. 22.62% 29.76% Retained 21.95% 21.95% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Offense Severity For Direct Appeals Only misdemeanors felonies AD 25.69% 74.31% Apptd. 39.58% 60.42% Note: Table made from pie chart.
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Such an approach would be justified on the principle in the common law that there is a stronger bias in favour of supporting the finality of international arbitrations: see Joy Manufacturing Co v A E Goodwin Ltd (rec apptd) [1970] 1 NSWR 57, 59 (Street J); W C Thomas & Sons Pty Ltd v Bunge (Australia) Pty Ltd [1975] VR 801, 805 (Gillard, Newton and Norris JJ).
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In the first Australian case that specifically considered the nature of the obligation of directors to creditors, Re New World Alliance Pty Ltd (rec and mgr apptd); Sycotex Pty Ltd v Baseler, Gummow J of the Federal Court took the view that the directors did not owe a direct duty to creditors.
CONTENTS I Introduction II Background to the Decision A The Facts B A Short History of the Legal Issue 1 The Media World Decision 2 Sons of Gwalia Ltd (admin apptd) v Margaretic 3 The Concept Sports Litigation 4 Sons of Gwalia Ltd v Margaretic III The High Court Decision ....