APRDArmée Populaire pour La Restauration de La Démocratie (French: Popular Army for the Restoration of the Republic and Democracy; Central African Republic)
APRDAlliance of Professional Restoration Drycleaners
APRDAsheville Parks and Recreation Department (North Carolina)
APRDAssessing Patterns of Resource Distribution (software; school budgets)
APRDApollo Personal Radiation Dosimeter
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To drive smart consumer decisions that save energy and reduce costs, APRD is investing in a group of companies that are pioneering new technologies for consumers including Lattice Power, a Chinese producer of low-cost, high-performance LED bulbs, and Green Wheel Electric Vehicles, one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of EVs in China.
For more information on APRD, visit the APRD website.
Also, APRD clashed with government forces nine times between July 25 and October 31 in the north-western prefecture of Ouham-PendE[umlaut].