APRDLAdvanced Products Research and Development Laboratory (Motorola; Austin, TX)
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The challenge of moving the wafers through multiple supplier sites for a virtual lab effect was impressively managed by Motorola's APRDL team within the DigitalDNA(TM) Laboratories.
MOS 13 and APRDL are our pathfinders to the next generations of technology," said Barry Waite, the Motorola executive whose business group designs and sells the circuits that will be produced in the new complex.
Representatives from APRDL visited several suppliers and wafer fab sites in evaluating competitive system performance, reliability, maintainability and software flexibility.
According to John Singelyn at Motorola APRDL, Motorola chose the Horizon 4085X probers for its APDRL facility for two main reasons: the system's ability to probe 8-inch wafers, and its cleanroom capabilities.