APREAgenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea (Italian: Agency for the Promotion of European Research; EU)
APREAcute Phase Response Element (molecular biology)
APREArtificial Production Review and Evaluation (Northwest Power and Conservation Council; Portland, OR)
APREAir Procurement Region, Europe
APREAnnual Programme Review and Evaluation (UK)
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PLC spokesman Leonel Teller interpreted this to mean that the votes Montealegre captured were just those of old APRE holdouts who understand that Bolanos is finished and APRE is dead.
Ray Fite, the new APRE President stated that he was very pleased with the progress the finance people have thus far provided.
APRE is a development stage company engaged in the merger and acquisition of revenue generating companies either producing or engaging in clean alternative disposal projects.
APRE was a disappointment, but it came out a solid third-place party, assured of survival.
Pollster Raul Obrigon offered the insight that the abstention favored the FSLN and punished APRE because APRE really got nothing more than "a soft vote, migrants from other parties.
CSS and APRE are completing their due diligence with regard to the Company and shall complete the definitive agreements by the end of May 2015.
Jim Hennig, President of APRE has stated, "APRE is very excited about its prospects with CSS and looks to update shareholders as to the new definitive agreement.
APRE is actively building the science foundation concerning the nutritional benefits of the white potato; creating partnerships with critical health professional organizations in the United States and Canada; and informing dietitians and health professionals by providing them with the latest scientific research and information on potato nutrition, consumption, and affordability.
Abdenacer El Bahi, herboriste et phytotherapeute, a, apres avoir reconnu les bienfaits de ce breuvage, soutenu que cette boisson possede de nombreuses vertus therapeutiques contre de nombreuses pathologies, notamment aux plans gastrique et immunitaire.
Le chef de l'Etat Abdullah GE-l a vote a Ankara et a appele les principaux acteurs politiques, qui ont mene une campagne particulierement apre, a la retenue apres l'annonce des resultats.
Apres les interviews a la radio et a la television, Nicolas Sarkozy devait tenir meeting dans l'apres-midi a Toulon (sud-est), Francois Hollande a Toulouse (sud-ouest).
Apres avoir engage une apre lutte contre le commerce informel, les responsables de l'APC d'Oran ont entrepris d'imaginer des solutions pour rendre justice aux jeunes chomeurs dont les bicoques, baraques et autres kiosques de fortune ont ete detruits dans le cadre de cette operation qui a permis d'eradiquer plus d'une centaine de sites de commerce informel, mettant au chomage quelque 5000 jeunes.