APREAAsian Public Real Estate Association (Singapore)
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With more than decade of my experience in the real estate and allied businesses in India and global expertise of APREA in facilitating investments, we will see India emerging as investments hub in real estate sector in world.
As the leading professional body representative of participants in publicly traded real estate throughout Asia, APREA is at the forefront of industry developments and is able to draw on the most qualified practitioners and expertise from all sectors and across the region.
Rozana at APREA Institute +65 6438 1110 info@apreainstitute.
The awards are based on the APREA Best Practices Handbook and regulations in the company s local jurisdiction.
Jaime Ysmael, Chairman of the Board, APREA - Philippine Chapter and Chief Finance Officer, Ayala Land Inc.
With the fully support of CCREA, APREA & ECONET, "the 2nd Asia Pacific Commercial Real Estate Cooperation China 2011, Penetrating into Lower-Tier Cities & Initiating Chinese Urbanization Construction", organized by Linver Insights, was held successfully in Sheraton Xian Hotel, China on October 25th-26th, 2011.
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