APREDAir Pollution Research Database (UK)
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Meanwhile motorists parking their vehicles in No Parking Areas will not be apred at any cost and the rights of the pedestrians would be ensured at all costs to remove the chances of accidents,he concluded.
Table 8 Economic Impact of Return on Recent VC Investment on Style-Adjusted Buy-and-Hold Returns [DELTA]PSBHR [DELTA]FSBHR 3-year 5-year 3-year 5-year APred RRI1 -31.11 -36.17 -44.57 -41.02 APred RRI2 18.34 17.39 25.62 18.47 APred RRI3 2.08 1.10 0.13 0.33 AResid RRI4 -8.47 -9.91 -8.43 -13.37 This table reports the change in 3 and 5-year style-adjusted buy-and- hold returns, given a one standard deviation change in Predicted RRI of Models 1-3 from Table 4 (Pred RRI 1-3), and Residual RRI of Model 4 from Table 4 (Resid RRI4).