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APRFAfrican Peer Review Forum
APRFArmy Pulse Radiation Facility
APRFArchive of the President of the Russian Federation
APRFAutomatic Pressure Relief
APRFAerophysics/Propulsion Research Facility
APRFAutomated Password Retrieval Facility
APRFAnna University and PASCO Research Facility
APRFAmerican Psychophysics Research Foundation (Cleveland, OH)
APRFAustralian Periodontology Research Foundation
APRFArchitecture and Planning Research Forum (conference; India)
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The size, performance and integrated functionality of the UQM(R) INTETS propulsion system made this ideal for packaging in the Emulated Fuel Cell Vehicle, a drive-by-wire experimental vehicle chassis, for testing on the programmable chassis dynamometer at the APRF.
Independent testing at the APRF conducted on the 70kW version of INTETS validated the systems published performance specifications including a continuous power rating of 30 kW (41 hp), a peak power rating of 75 kW (100 hp) and peak torque delivery of 1,700 N-m (1254 lbf/ft).
McCallum's Single Equation Instrumental Variable (SEIV) Method: In order to estimate APRF, the unobserved rational expectations variables in Equation (2) are first replaced by their ex post values, so that Equation (2) involving all observed variables can be written as: