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APRFAmerican Public Relations Forum (est. 1952; California)
APRFAfrican Peer Review Forum
APRFArmy Pulse Radiation Facility
APRFArchive of the President of the Russian Federation
APRFAutomatic Pressure Relief
APRFAnna University and PASCO Research Facility
APRFAutomated Password Retrieval Facility
APRFAerophysics/Propulsion Research Facility
APRFAmerican Psychophysics Research Foundation (Cleveland, OH)
APRFAustralian Periodontology Research Foundation
APRFArchitecture and Planning Research Forum (conference; India)
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Telegram from Kovalev to Stalin, May 18, 1949, Arkhiv Prezidenta Rossiiskoi Federatsii [Archive of the President of the Russian Federation, cited as APRF), Fond 4, Opis 01, Delo 333, Listy 59-61.
There are few steps to build a new vehicle simulation model based on APRF test data.
The test vehicle and APRF test facility are shown in Figure 1.
Additionally, wheel hub chassis dynamometer tests were conducted at the APRF two wheel-drive (2WD) facility to separate out tire from wheel assembly losses.
(14.) APRF, Shifrogramma [coded telegram] from Shtykov to Vyshinskii, 22 Juni 1949, 2 [translator's note: the authors have unfortunately lost the exact location of this source found in this archival collection, which is notoriously difficult to visit--at times it has been almost inaccessible for any non-Russian scholar--and a repeat visit to its premises in Moscow could not be accomplished; given the contents of the telegram and the historical context, Shtykov's words appear authentic].
Inoue et al., "Molecular cloning of APRF, a novel IFN-stimulated gene factor 3 p91-related transcription factor involved in the gp130-mediated signaling pathway," Cell, vol.
APRF's primary focus is technology validation and benchmarking testing for advanced vehicles and their supporting subsystems.
Tasks were being set for defence industry as though it was like other branches while, as Bogdanov wrote, the state remained 'deaf' to its needs; he emphasised that the defence industry could not emerge from this crisis without help (APRF, 3/ 46/330, 7).
In this section, we discuss the two types of reaction functions estimated in the paper and we name them (a) standard policy reaction function (SPRF) and (b) alternative policy reaction function (APRF).
(33) Ordzhonikidze to Kaganovich (28 August 1931), APRF f.
it is appropriate to apply the Chinese proverb--'to strike while the iron is hot'" (APRF 1950, 1.35-37).
Benes, 21 March 1945), in Vostochnaia Evropa v dokumentakh rossiiskikh arkhivov, 1:178; and Arkhiv Prezidenta Rossiiskoi Federatsii (APRF) f.