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APRICOTAsia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies
APRICOTAntithrombotics in the Prevention of Reocclusion in Coronary Thrombolysis
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Grant: "these potatoes have as much the flavour of a Moor Park apricot as the fruit from that tree.
Grant hardly knows what the natural taste of our apricot is: he is scarcely ever indulged with one, for it is so valuable a fruit; with a little assistance, and ours is such a remarkably large, fair sort, that what with early tarts and preserves, my cook contrives to get them all.
Friquet, whose eye, ever on the alert, could alone have discovered them, had gone to devour his apricots upon the entablature of a house in the square of Notre Dame.
The next place she stopped at was a fruit and flower shop, and here she bought a large quantity of apples, apricots, peaches, and other things, with lilies, jasmine, and all sorts of sweet-smelling plants.
Last year I had four apricots -- they stole one, I had one nectarine, only one -- well, sir, they ate half of it on the wall; a splendid nectarine -- I never ate a better.
Hill-food is very simple, but with buckwheat and Indian corn, and rice and red pepper, and little fish out of the stream in the valley, and honey from the flue-like hives built in the stone walls, and dried apricots, and turmeric, and wild ginger, and bannocks of flour, a devout woman can make good things, and it was a full bowl that the priest carried to the Bhagat.
Portraits by Romney, seen through glass, have something of their pink, mellow look, their blooming softness, as of apricots hanging upon a red wall in the afternoon sun.
I could dawdle about in the nursery and count the apricots on the wall.
Of these, probably the most interesting is the Japanese apricot, P.
HINT: If the apricot jam is too thick to easily mix with the ripe fruit, simply heat a small amount of jam on the stove.
Apricot already discontinued PC production in June as it has become unable to keep up with price-cutting competition, the officials said.
Apricot keeps track of some 17,000 products-- from copiers to pencils-via a computer network and inventory software.