APRMAfrican Peer Review Mechanism
APRMAutomatic Partition Resource Manager
APRMAverage Power Range Monitor (Nuclear Power)
APRMAnti-Plug Reversing Module
APRMAdvanced Planning and Risk Management
APRMAfrican Peer Review Commission
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You would recall that since formally acceding to the APRM on 9 March 2003, South Africa has submitted its three progress reports.
The key issue, according to Acyl, is the need to ensure that gender dimensions are incorporated in the implementation of the APRM towards full integration in all African countries.
In the case of sub-regional and continental agreements there is no supranational authority able to enforce such legislation, especially against the more powerful states; neither has the APRM been a sufficient enough deterrence in soliciting the appropriate compliance.
I thank NEPAD and the APRM for taking the lead in supporting the processes that are enabling these developments.
APRM is a first mover providing SME's transactional-based solutions; promotions, sales, logistics and currency conversion that will establish our backbone as the leading on-line marketplace between Chinese consumers and SME's, launching its proprietary portal 'mymyJ' (loosely translated); "Buy & Sell Festival" in China in 2011.
205) For further information on the APRM and NEPAD, see CRS Report
Commend the AU to offer leadership in uniting the African voice through the expedition of joint programmes including NEPAD and APRM.
One of the most notable achievements of the AU is the introduction of the APRM to promote good governance in Africa.
He offers a number of conclusions regarding prospects for SA's role in the next decade: SA will remain a dominant force; regional leverage will be invested in promoting democratisation and managing violent conflicts but national interests will generally trump regional concerns; multilateralism will be the chosen route; 'quiet diplomacy' will dovetail with the Mbeki vision of the African Renaissance; and this strategy will fit with his commitment to continental initiatives such as NEPAD and the APRM.
Support the implementation of the Programs of Action of the APRM Country Review Report.
Within the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), the DOD contributes to the streamlining and implementation of the APRM Programme of Action.