APRODEVAssociation of World Council of Churches Related Development Organisations in Europe
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Taylor, editor, Christianity, Poverty and Wealth, APRODEV, London/Geneva, 2003.
General secretary of APRODEV, Rob van Drimmelen, said: "Repackaging aid money as climate finance is not only dishonest--it risks undermining both climate and development goals.
Recently, agencies organized in APRODEV have set up a working group with similar objectives.
A Good Look at Microcredit, Savings and Gender, APRODEV, 2000.
APRODEV points in the direction of a change from a fellowship of churches to a World Ecumenical Council, made up of many semi-autonomous networks which are kept in touch with each other and enabled to interact by the Geneva office.
APRODEV does not formulate the idea of a World Ecumenical Council as a proposal, but as a question.