APRODEVAssociation of World Council of Churches Related Development Organisations in Europe
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Taylor, editor, Christianity, Poverty and Wealth, APRODEV, London/Geneva, 2003.
General secretary of APRODEV, Rob van Drimmelen, said: "Repackaging aid money as climate finance is not only dishonest--it risks undermining both climate and development goals.
In 2001, the WCC executive committee recommended an international boycott of goods produced in illegal settlements on occupied territory, and the WCC-related APRODEV agencies in Europe are now working to have Israeli settlement products fully and properly identified before shipment to the European Community in accordance with the terms of the EU's Association Agreement with Israel.
Most of these concerns are handled primarily by European actors in the ecumenical movement, such as the Conference of European Churches (CEC), in the areas of European integration, economic issues, democracy, human rights, bio-ethics and religious liberty, or Eurodiaconia in addressing economic and social issues, or the Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) for refugees, migrants and ethnic minorities, or APRODEV in regard to development policies.
Recently, agencies organized in APRODEV have set up a working group with similar objectives.
A Good Look at Microcredit, Savings and Gender, APRODEV, 2000.
APRODEV points in the direction of a change from a fellowship of churches to a World Ecumenical Council, made up of many semi-autonomous networks which are kept in touch with each other and enabled to interact by the Geneva office.
APRODEV does not formulate the idea of a World Ecumenical Council as a proposal, but as a question.