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APROPOSAdvances and Primary Research Opportunities in Physical Oceanography Studies
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Around the same time, the militantly anti-religious Epicurean poet Lucretius (Tennyson' poem on him is worth reading) was complaining apropos the same task, of "Patrii Sermonis Egestas"--"The Poverty of Our Native Language.
However, as actress Marla Gibbs pointed out on a television documentary about censorship, apropos of African-Americans, it wasn't that Amos 'n' Andy was necessarily a bad representation of blacks so much as it was the only one.
As a letter to the press here apropos the Iraq war says, 'So now we have lies, damned lies and faulty intelligence.
Going for scabrous comedy, he falls flat, as when he clumsily undertook the eminently reasonable idea of giving Manet's Olympia a race reversal, or when, apropos of nothing, he named his 1964 takeoff on David's portrait of Napoleon in the National Gallery The Greatest Homosexual.
Suddenly, alcohol's nickname, firewater, has become especially apropos.
The call centre will be based on Apropos Technology Inc's Total Interaction Management web-enabled software package for customer interaction centres, under a newly formed partnership between Parity and Apropos.
National Systems Solutions Group, has selected the Apropos Technology's Version 4 multimedia interaction management solution.
JAX304) KEVIN KERNS, CEO of APROPOS TECHNOLOGY INC (APRS), describes the company's business and its background; prospects for the industry, with positive and negative trends; competitive threats; strategic opportunities for the firm including its marketing plans and acquisition potential; management strength and organization; and the financial prospects of the firm looking forward.
How apropos to end with a "folk dance" company to drive home the fact that we are all "just folks" and that all dance is ethnic.
That the rubric "sexuality" appears only apropos the homoeroticism of Edward H problematically implies that the representation of heteroeroticism in other plays is a matter of gender, not sexuality.
Before you meet, ask your interviewer what attire is apropos, suggests Madry.
As Lifetime Hoan granted a license to Apropos Decor for an upscale dinnerware line last April, the move furthur extends the Hoffritz name into the tabletop arena.