APRPASUS Product Registration Program (computer products)
APRPAdaptive Pattern Recognition Process
APRPAdaptive Pattern Recognition Processing (Convera)
APRPArabian Peninsula Regional Program (International Center for Agricultural Research In the Dry Areas; Syria)
APRPAgricultural Policy Reform Program
APRPAccident de Perte de Réfrigérant Primaire (French: Accidental Loss of Primary Coolant)
APRPAssociate Park and Recreation Professional
APRPAssociation of Professional Rodeo Photographers
APRPA Priori Probability
APRPadipokinetic hormone precursor related peptide
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The company further mentioned that the APRP is designed to lower risk and improve security by replacing aging or leaking pipe in the natural gas distribution system.
Also, prior to receiving final approval the company must submit additional information on the implementation of its APRP within 30 days of the order and the DCPSC will thereafter place the remainder of the proceeding on a fast track.
Councillor Ed Ruane, Coventry City Council's cabinet member for housing and heritage, believes the APRP scheme is helping to make a real difference.
The goal of the APRP is to promote peace through the political process.
The Center for Agricultural Air Quality Engineering and Science (CAAQES) within the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M University has conducted research for many years addressing APRP issues.
The APRP is led by the GoA and it seeks to provide a means for Anti-Government Elements (AGEs) to renounce violence, reintegrate and become a productive part of Afghan society.
Within the APRP there are two main committees: the Financial Oversight Committee (FOC) under the lead of the Ministry of Finance, which allocates funding for APRP projects, and the Technical Committee (TC).
UNDP is supporting the management of the Peace & Reintegration Trust Fund, and provides technical programmatic as well as operational support to the APRP Joint Secretariat in the implementation of APRP at the national and sub-national levels.
Ensure that APRP is able to effectively implement its Strategic Communications programme.
An APRP implementation conference is scheduled to begin in Kabul on Tuesday, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said in a statement.
Given the many challenges and ongoing conflict we should be realistic about what APRP can achieve over the short term.
Through providing social and economic opportunities to reintegrees and their communities, the APRP could promote community recovery, job creation and help to bring stability to conflict-affected communities, the statement said.