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APS2Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome Type 2
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The 16-bit APS-DSP works with both members of the APS family, the 32-bit APS2 for high performance, and the 16/32-bit APS3 for dense code.
APS2 is one of a group of autoimmune polyendocrinopathy syndromes (Table 2), (6) but new findings in molecular biology and genetics (7,8) may lead to changes in classification.
The destructive process in APS2 is believed to be a cell-mediated immune response and a loss of self-tolerance (Fig.
The APS2 core is a general-purpose processor designed for high-performance, low-power, 32-bit computing.
Processor Core ASIC Technology Approximate Area Frequency (process, microns) (gate equivalents) (MHz) APS2 TSMC 0.
announced today Microturbo will assume full responsibility for the design, production, product support and service of the APS2 800 and APS500 D APU programs for Bombardier and Dassault Aviation.