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APSACAmerican Professional Society on the Abuse of Children
APSACAnisoylated Plasminogen Streptokinase Activator Complex (thrombolytic drug)
APSACAustralian Public Sector Anti-Corruption
APSACAdministrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (Purdue University; Westville, IN)
APSACAssociation of Professional Substance Abuse Counsellors (Singapore)
APSACArmy Public Schools and Colleges System (Pakistan)
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APSAC held a press conference at Karachi Press Club and recorded its protest against anti-Shi'ite policies and actions of government to which it had earlier given a 48 hours deadline to recover those missing and kidnapped Shi'ites and to end false cases against them or a movement will be launched against anti-Shi'ite government and administration.
Lanning, "A Law Enforcement Perspective on the Compliant Child Victim," The APSAC Advisor 14, no.
Research on False Allegations of Sexual Abuse in Divorce, 6 APSAC ADVISOR (Fall 1993), at 1, 8-9; see Kathleen Coulbourn Faller, Possible Explanations for Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Divorce, 61 AM.
People who received streptokinase infusions during the first hours of a heart attack proved as likely to survive the risky next few months as those who got infusions of tPA or APSAC.
APSAC System is striving to move away from archaic practices like rote learning, memorization and reproduction.
3) Carole Jenny, Medical Issues in Child Sexual Abuse, in THE APSAC HANDBOOK ON CHILD MALTREATMENT 235, 239 (John E.
145) APSAC is in the process of publishing revised guidelines for investigative interviewing in child abuse cases.
Lanning, "Sexual Homicide of Children," APSAC Advisor 7, no.
Contact: Maureen Kelly APSAC, 407 S Dearborn St, Suite 1300, Chicago, Ill 60605, (312) 554-0166 Fax: (312) 554-0919,Web Site http://www.
APSAC is prepared from pasteurized human plasminogen and streptokinase.
The APSAC System was created by the COAS on 3rd October 2005 to create uniformity in Army Public Schools and develop a futuristic approach to education through a standardized curriculum, assessment and examination system and teacher training programmes.