APSACSAndhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (India)
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The vision of APSACS is "Investing in success for all students" while their mission is to provide ideal educational programmes of international standards that instigate and prepare all students for success in the world at affordable costs.
Currently, there are 11 regions working under the main APSACS Secretariat.
The three main domains of APSACS Secretariat include Curriculum Planning and Development, Assessments and Examination and Teachers Training and Evaluation.
Curriculum of APSACS highlights and focuses on objectives, learning outcomes, methodologies and techniques, assessment for learning, success criteria and integration of concepts that are interlinked with each other.
APSACS Personality Grooming through Values Education: for grooming and character building of self and awareness of responsibilities to family, community and of being a global citizen.
The selection of textbooks at APSACS is a step by step, systematic process which is carried out by the Secretariat with input from Micro Resource Pool (principals, subject specialists, Lahore to Peshawar) and Macro Resource Pool (principals, subject specialists of Army Public Schools across the country).
Many textbooks have been tailored by the Secretariat to meet APSACS curriculum requirements.
Over the past three years, APSACS Secretariat has initiated a Book Development Programme.
The management of all technical matters of education such as Academic Calendar and schedules, Curriculum Development, Assessment and Examination System, Training Programmes, Monitoring and Evaluations, recommendations for opening new schools and their registrations rests with the APSACS Secretariat.
APSACS Secretariat is an autonomous body that works within the ambit of the Executive Committee (ref COAS Directive).
In the sixth year of its life APSACS Secretariat can look back with satisfaction at having been able to achieve the goals placed before it, as it continuously moves towards new horizons.
The Corps Commander while commending the efforts of APSACS and the faculty members said that students must concentrate on their studies as they are the future of Pakistan.