APSCOAsia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization
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Previously a program manager at TE[pounds sterling]ByTAK's Advanced Technologies on Informatics and Information Security (ByLGEM) center until December 2013, Celal E[pounds sterling]nver was appointed secretary-general of APSCO on January 2014 for a term of five years.
Iran will conduct parts of the project individually and some other parts in cooperation with APSCO members," he added.
APSCO's Hussein said that the strategic partnership with APSCO goes back to 19 years ago, within the general framework of the partnership between both global companies Caterpillar Equipment and Exxon-Mobil, which covers Saudi Arabia, the world's largest market for the products of both companies.
Iranian scientists have always taken part in APSCO meetings.
Services Key Electronics Dependability/timely Epic Technologies ACC Electronix delivery Integrated APSCO Inc.
It was also pointed out that APSCO besides providing opportunities for higher education and training in space science and technology, also organizes collaborative projects and seminars/symposium in the member stated.
APSCO, founded in 1961 by the Alireza family, has the licence to blend and market all Mobil and ESSO products.
Iran, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Peru are the current official members of the APSCO while Turkey, Iraq, Malaysia and Indonesia are waiting to join the organization.
APSCO also tied with MassTech EMS in the technology category.
APSCO has been blending products for a number of international firms including some automobile giants.
APSCO manufactures pneumatic cylinders and valves for the truck equipment and mobile markets.