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APSIAmicassa Process Solutions, Inc. (Philippines)
APSIAssociation of Plastic Surgeons of India
APSIAgence de Promotion, de Soutien et de Suivi des Investissements (French)
APSIAnimal Protection Society of Iowa (Des Moines, IA)
APSIAircraft Propulsion Subsystem Integration
APSIAssociazione Prevenzione Studio Infezioni (Association for the Prevention andStudy of Infection)
APSIAustralian Professional Snowsports Instructors, Inc.
APSIAutoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome Type I
APSIActuarial Program for Selected Items
APSIAdvanced Propulsion System Integration
APSIAssociazione Pediatri della Svizzera Italiana
APSIAssociation for the Promotion of Scientific Innovation (Sudan)
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This is in letters of gold around the apsis of a mosaic group at the side of the 'scala santa', church of St.
En APSI, Santiago, edicion del 29 de diciembre de 1986 al 1 de enero de 1987 y edicion del 12 de enero al 25 de enero de 1987.
DPSI, APSI, MLSI, VSI, and vGRFmax did not differ significantly among the three conditions.
Representatives from APSI and Crowley were in attendance to place the coins and sign the keel block, said a statement from APSI.
A analise de conteudo identificou os seguintes eixos tematicos, descritos a seguir: dilemas enfrentados pelos fisioterapeutas atuantes na area diante do modelo de APS centrado na familia (10, 13, 14); competencias e habilidades do fisioterapeuta/formacao e necessidade de capacitacao permanente (5, 15-18, 20, 21); e assistencia fisioterapeutica na APSI (8, 12, 15, 19), com relato de experiencias assistenciais propriamente ditas.
OSI and APSI in bilateral standing with open and closed eyes showed significant differences before exercise intervention between the experimental and control groups.
07/06/2009 Goucher College APSI (Baltimore, MD, US)
Fitch-treated fuel is like purchasing fuel directly from the refinery when fuel is the freshest and creating the most amount of energy," said Nora Hewitt, vice president at APSI.
APSI charges companies an administrative fee of $118 per employee per year.
Pages are passed to Harlequin or APSI (now Cascade Systems Inc.
What unites the "yes" campaign is a commitment to the economic policies of this govermment, combined with reliance on the military as the guarantor of political order; but as a right-wing source told the opposition magazine APSI in July, "The candidate provokes zero enthusiasm" in certain circles.
The OSI represents the total variance of platform displacement (all directions), measured in degrees, with higher scores indicating worse postural control while the APSI and MLSI represent platform displacement in the sagittal and frontal planes respectively (Arnold and Schmitz, 1998, Riemer and Wikstrom, 2010, Sulewski et al.