APSIMAgricultural Production Systems Simulator
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2011), ao aplicarem o modelo APSIM nas culturas de graos e algodao, constataram que a diversificacao de culturas aumenta a lucratividade da empresa.
Therefore, a modelling study was undertaken in order to investigate the potentials of APSIM to screen forages that can be grown to supply a high yield of grazeable forages for large AMS herds.
2 per cent) by DSSAT and APSIM decreased yield 19 per cent 14 per cent 16 per cent 15 per cent and 18 per cent (mean 17.
These trials are generating key growth and development data in contrasting environments necessary for the development of a new APSIM taro crop model.
2004), using APSIM simulation of wheat grown over 100 years in southern Queensland on relatively low and high subsoil constraint grey Vertosols, showed that yield differences vary from <200 kg/ha in some years to nearly 3 t/ha in others.
Running an APSIM simulation before making management decisions can save farmers significant amounts of money.
APSIM model was parameterized under local conditions mainly on wheat crop being staple food and is cultivated under a wide range of climatic conditions.
Abbreviations: APSIM, agricultural production systems simulator; AWC, available water capacity; CERES, crop environment resource synthesis; CRM, corn relative maturity; EC, environment class; ECB, European corn-borer (Ostrinia nubilalis H.
The team is using a modelling framework called APSIM (Agricultural Production Systems Simulator) to find out how much water drains beneath a range of cropping and pasture systems at a paddock scale.
Thorbum PJ, Biggs JS, Collins K, Probert ME (2010) Using the APSIM model to estimate nitrous oxide emissions from diverse Australian sugarcane production systems.
Tambem o grupo de modeladores do CIAT (Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical), fisiologistas de mandioca e os modeladores responsaveis pelo modulo de mandioca no Sistema de Apoio a Decisao para Transferencia de Agrotecnologia (DSSAT) estao preparando este modelo para, futuramente, ser usado em cenarios de mudanca climatica, com a ajuda tambem do grupo de modelagem de mandioca APSIM (Simulador de Sistemas de Producao Agricola) desenvolvido pela Unidade de Pesquisa Agropecuaria em Sistemas de Producao na Australia e pelo grupo de modelagem de mandioca "MunThaiDSS: A Decision Support System for Cassava Production" (Departamento de Agricultura, Centro de Pesquisas de Culturas Agricolas Khon Kaen, Tailandia) (Hoogenboom et al.