APTBSA Place to Bury Strangers (band)
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The results confirmed the two-factor structure of the APTBS [[chi square] (64) = 169.
After testing the two-factor structure of the adapted version of the APTBS, it was intended to verify its invariance considering the gender of participants.
Study 2 sought to gather evidence of factorial structure and internal consistency, and to investigate the factorial invariance of the APTBS across gender.
However, this type of limitation is not exclusive to the APTBS, given that it is inherent to most instruments used in psychology, and has motivated the development of alternative procedures, such as implicit measures (Gouveia et al.
The items of the APTBS were discriminant, a structure with two components clearly emerged, and the internal consistency - assessed through Cronbach's alpha and the homogeneity of the full set of items--clearly met the requirements described in the literature (Clark & Watson, 1995).
The degree of association between the APTBS scores and the constructs that describe individuals (personality traits), or the principles that guide their lives (human values), remains to be established.