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APTCAdvance Premium Tax Credit (various locations)
APTCAllow Partially Trusted Callers
APTCAssociation of Psychology Training Clinics (national organization)
APTCAdler Power Torque Clutch (Ducati motorcycles)
APTCAntiplatelet Trialists' Collaboration
APTCAssociació del Professorat de Tecnologia de Catalunya (Technology Teachers Catalonia Spain)
APTCAmerican Property Tax Counsel
APTCAsia-Pacific Trusted Infrastructure Technologies Conference
APTCAppointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee (various schools)
APTCAssociation of Publicly Traded Companies
APTCAtlantic Provinces Transportation Commission (Canada)
APTCAdvanced Processor Temperature Control
APTCAsia Pacific Trade Council (Canada)
APTCAustralian Pacific Technical College
APTCAnnual Proficiency Testing and Certification program
APTCAllow Partially Trusted Caller (attribute; also seen as APTCA)
APTCAuthorized Certified Prometric Testing Center (Microsoft exams)
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According to Omair, in 2017, the APTC transported 2.
Of course, how my client's income, and MAGI, will interact with the APTC cut-off cannot be predicted exactly.
APTC will be the latest example yet of Axalta's commitment to innovation that enables customers to maintain a competitive edge and achieve long-term success.
The primary limitation of this study was that we could not perfectly measure APTC eligibility, the primary conceptual factor affecting the likelihood of QHP selection.
2 percent) reported an APTC on Form 8962, totaling $20.
An ACA exchange bases APTC subsidy amounts on how much users think they'll earn during the "coverage year.
When an APTC user files a tax return for a coverage year, in the spring after the end of the coverage year, the user is supposed to figure out whether the IRS provided too little or too much APTC help.
One item in the ACA not widely known is the requirement for taxpayers to reconcile the APTC they received with what they were entitled to receive.
The APTC was the first such facility completed by the Aquino administration, through the Department of Agriculture (DA).
Individuals who are eligible for an employer health plan that is affordable and offers minimum value are not eligible for APTCs in the FFM.
Because of the proliferation of different training models in psychology (Blocher, 2000; Howard, 1985), the need for systematic communication among training programs and clinics became evident, and APTC was established to support and represent the interests of clinic directors and enhance training and services in clinics (Hatcher & Lassiter, 2007; Kaslow et al.
The asymmetric phase-transfer catalysis proved to be a versatile method for inducing asymmetry in organic compounds; the literature contains several examples of the use of APTC in organic synthesis as sowed in the Table 1.