APVAAssociation for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities
APVAAmicale des Passionnés de Véhicules Anciens (French vintage vehicle association)
APVAAssociation of Project Verifiers and Auditors (internal verification of projects funded by EU or government funds)
APVAAplinkos Projektu Valdymo Agentura (Lithuanian: Environmental Project Management Agency; Vilnius, Lithuania)
APVAAmicale des Propriétaires de Véhicules Anciens (French: Friendly Owners of Vintage Vehicles)
APVAAsia-Pacific Venues Alliance (various locations)
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Digs in the 1930s and 1950s uncovered structures on Park Service and APVA property as well as a large number of artifacts that are still being analyzed.
CONTACT: Paula Neely, +1-804-781-0116, for APVA Preservation Virginia
William Kelso, Chief Archeologist, Jamestown Rediscovery; Elizabeth Kostelny, Executive Director, APVA Preservation; Bly Straube, Senior Curator, Jamestown Rediscovery; Dennis Blanton, College of William and Mary; Sharon Long, forensic artist; Dr.
As part of her research efforts for a future book, Cornwell has visited the APVA Jamestown Rediscovery Project on Jamestown Island, Virginia, several times to learn about methods used by archaeologists to excavate and examine burials, including forensic anthropology.
The ten-year, multi-million dollar APVA Jamestown Rediscovery Project was launched in 1994 to identify and interpret the remains of the 1607 James Fort and James Towne.
When archaeologists found remains of the fort in 1996, APVA dispelled the long-held belief that the fort was lost to the James River.