APWPApparent Polar Wander Path
APWPAsia-Pacific Writing Partnership
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Optimization of the APWP signals involves the system model.
The selected APWP codes can be used later in imaging applications [14] as optimal for a particular system-transducer combination.
The code was submitted to duration analysis which determines the duration of the current APWP pulse.
Higher feed intake (p<0.05) was observed in goats fed diet containing APWP than those in the AP0 group, while the feed intake recorded in goats fed APL was comparable to those observed in goats fed AP0 and APWP (Table 2).
This could be the reason why goats on treatments AP (APL and APWP) consumed significantly more feed per unit metabolic body weight and utilised it more efficiently than their counterparts on treatment AP0.
The highest hot and cold carcass weights were presented by goats fed APWP diet, followed by APL and AP0.
Three signals were used in succeeding experiments: square pulse, chirp and APWP (Fig.
It can be seen, that APWP signal outperforms the last two, has much better correlation properties.
9), that though square pulse signal outperforms the last two, APWP signal has much better correlation properties than chirp signal.