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APXascorbate peroxidase
APXAmsterdam Power Exchange
APXAutomated Power Exchange
APXAlt Preset Extreme (MP3 encoding preset)
APXAverage Page Exposure
APXAteliers de Puteaux
APXAirborne Radar Transponder
APXAdvent Portfolio Exchange (software)
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All APX products include the Applanix POSPac UAV post-processing software for generation of high-accuracy carrier-phase differential GNSS-Inertial position and orientation for highest accuracy map products.
With a 92/8000/PX4, it's not very useful in this regard since those are hammer guns, but with the Nano and APX it is as if they are striker guns.
Overall, APX posted P2 billion in revenue for the period, up 18 percent from P1.
By the time Beretta felt the APX was ready for sale, the gun had been in development for four years, with more than 1 million rounds fired through test guns.
The APX has gone through a number of design changes in the last 1 million rounds," said John Tamborino, tactical product manager for Beretta USA.
Stock exchange operator NYSE Euronext (NYSE:NYX) (Euronext:NYX) confirmed on Tuesday that it has finalised its transaction with APX Inc to create NYSE Blue, a company focused on environmental and sustainable energy markets.
The new APX VCS Registry enables the issuance, transfer, tracking, retirement and custodial services for VCS carbon credits worldwide.
The APX 2500, combined with Microsoft[R] Windows Mobile, will make the next generation of smartphones our most personal computer.
Finnish-Swedish stock exchange operator OMHEX AB said on Wednesday (30 June) that it had closed its deal with APX Group, the energy exchange for gas and power, to sell the business activities of the UK power exchange UKPX to APX UK.
APX has distinguished itself in the wholesale power market by offering exchanges tailored to the exclusive needs of renewable energy trading," said John Yurkanin, APX president and CEO.
TEPCO has bought $10 million worth of stock from the total of $36 million of additional stock issued by APX, and now holds 4% of outstanding shares, the biggest among the Japanese companies.
Designed for extreme environments with exaggerated controls and a rugged, impact-green colored housing, the APX O2 Mobile Control Head incorporates Motorola's XE extreme series' rugged design and ergonomics for use by firefighters, marine units, utilities and mining.