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APXAluminium Performance Crossover
APXascorbate peroxidase
APXAdvent Portfolio Exchange (software)
APXAmsterdam Power Exchange
APXAutomated Power Exchange
APXAlt Preset Extreme (MP3 encoding preset)
APXAverage Page Exposure
APXAteliers de Puteaux
APXAirborne Radar Transponder
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On the Beretta APX, on the right side at upper rear, a small dimpled button can be pushed in to safely lower the striker with no trigger-pulling needed.
Although I've fired the full-size APX a lot and find it incredibly easy to shoot well--and to shoot well fast--the Compact version looks, well, chunky.
The APX Centurion and Compact models offer less protrusion from the grip and both have had half an inch removed from the barrel length when compared to the full-size's 41A-inch barrel.
In this project, APX will operate and maintain the solar panels on behalf of AboitizLand's zone development firm, Lima Land Inc., at a per kilowatt-hour rate currently lower than the grid's.
Now, when it comes to the wear of the grip, the APX also covers this.
With a 92/8000/PX4, it's not very useful in this regard since those are hammer guns, but with the Nano and APX it is as if they are striker guns.
Analysis of ascorbate peroxidase (APX): To determine the ascorbate peroxidase (APX) activity, the total soluble proteins were extracted from the leaves of alfalfa plants using extraction buffer.
In a statement, APX said the parent company alone posted a net income of P205.9 million, up 32 percent from last year's P156.1 million.
By the time Beretta felt the APX was ready for sale, the gun had been in development for four years, with more than 1 million rounds fired through test guns.
Additional to the firing pin & trigger safety features, the APX pistol does not require pulling the trigger for field stripping & disassembly.
The APX platform stood out from the competition due to its simplicity, and modular features.
APX Labs is the developer of the Skylight platform for enterprise solutions with smart glasses.