APXSApache Extension (Apache web server)
APXSAlpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer
APXSAlpha Proton X-Ray Spectrometer
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The APX Centurion and Compact models offer less protrusion from the grip and both have had half an inch removed from the barrel length when compared to the full-size's 41A-inch barrel.
Living with the APX Technically, the Centurion is a mid-sized pistol.
As an owner of a full-sized APX, I was interested in what the Compact was going to feel and handle like.
Karl-Heinz Suphan, senior project manager R&D at Micro-Hybrid commented: "The components we've developed for the APXS instrument module need to withstand enormous levels of cosmic radiation and temperatures down to -100 deg C.
Two days later, APXS was successfully deployed to about two to three centimeters above the lunar regolith surface by the robotic arm of Yutu and started the detection mode.
APXS was not only an X-ray spectrometer, but also served as a distance sensor during the deployment by making use of how X-ray count rate varied with distance.
"The APX has gone through a number of design changes in the last 1 million rounds," said John Tamborino, tactical product manager for Beretta USA.
Inside the APX is a striker-fired stainless steel chassis.
Using both APXS and ChemCam on this rock provides a cross calibration of the two instruments.
Ascorbate peroxidase (APX) activity increased inMsHsp23alfalfa plants: We analyzed the ascorbate peroxidase (APX) activity inoverexpressingMsHsp23 alfalfa plants response to heat treatment at 42degC for 48h.
The high accumulation APX activity in transgenic plants indicated thatitregulated by heat stress.