AQASAlternate Quality Assessment Survey
AQASAcademic Quality and Standards
AQASAsthma Quality Assessment System (questionnaire)
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State agencies may issue and review the AQAS, and laboratories are required to return the completed AQAS within 15 days of receiving the survey.
site self-survey called the Performance-Based Survey (PBS), which is equivalent to HCFA's AQAS. As with the AQAS, a facility seeking participation in the PBS program must meet certain criteria.
(1) Nonstandard abbreviations: CLIA'88, Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988; HCFA, Health Care Financing Administration; FDA, Food and Drug Administration; CAP, College of American Pathologists; JCAHO, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations; COLA, Commission of Office Laboratory Accreditation; AQAS, Alternate Quality Assurance Survey.
The AQAS is a self-survey questionnaire established to recognize good performers and cut cost for HCFA.
The AQAS consists of two parts and 45 questions of which most requested responses are yes, no, and non-applicable.
Field surveyors review a facility's AQAS results and determine if it has responded adequately.
The convenience of performing the AQAS at one's leisure within HCFA's 15-day response period has made it attractive to many participants.
Of course, just as you pat yourself on the back for being a good performer, you realize there may be some drawbacks to the AQAS. For instance, after taking the time to complete and collate requested information, you may receive phone call follow-ups or even an on-site inspection because the reviewing surveyor felt your responses were inadequate.