AQCArs Quatuor Coronatorum
AQCAgence Qualité Construction (French: Quality Construction Agency; est. 1901)
AQCAcquisition Contracting
AQCAnalytical Quality Control (laboratory analysis)
AQCAustralian Quality Council
AQCAircraft Qualification Course
AQCAdiabatic Quantum Computing
AQCActive-Quenching Circuit
AQCApplied Quality Communications, Inc.
AQCArts Quarter Collective (University of Minnesota)
AQCAtlanta Quality Center
AQCAmerican Quantum Cycle (Melbourne, Florida)
AQCAlternative Quick Call (radio communication)
AQCAdventure Quest Cheat (online gaming software)
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Advanced AQC provides highly flexible run sheet functionality, allowing users to create run sheet templates that meet the needs of today's analytical laboratory.
Jowlani and Baghdadi were Iraqis and close to AQC. QF got both groups to be active in Syria as "independent" groups - at Jowlani's request.
For additional information on The BlueDuct and AQC Industries, email or call 1.877.783.1520 or +1 651.209.0050.
In this work, we investigate the temperature dependence of the dark parameters of an SPAD with an integrated active quenching circuit (AQC) in 0.35 fm CMOS.
Under the terms of the SPA and royalty deed, AQC acquired Anglo American's interest in Dartbrook for up to AUD 50m (approximately USD 36m), comprising an upfront cash payment of AUD 25m and the grant of a royalty equal to AUD 3.0 for each ton of coal produced by the operation in the future and AUD 0.25 for each ton of coal sourced from other sites and processed using Dartbrook's processing infrastructure.
Jowlani refused to merge JaN with ISIS of Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi who was not part of AQC after the latter network's founder Usama bin Laden was killed by US commandoes in early May 2011.
According to a top Saudi analyst close to the royal family, the show-down in Iran is expected by the AQC and - he tells APS: "Saif ul-Adl's move to Syria, after having stayed in Iran for years and recently moved to Yemen and now to Syria gives an indication that the whole [theocracy] system could be under threat from within".
Through Maqdisi and bin Laden's Neo-Salafi theologians, however, the AQC leader agreed to help Zarqawi establish a base in Herat region bordering Iran.
ISIS is using AQC's franchise structure to expand its geographic reach, but without al-Qaeda's rigorous multi-year application process.
Years after his move to Iraq, he paid allegiance to AQC and set up al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM).
(1,2) In 2009, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Massachusetts, the state's largest commercial payer, implemented the Alternative Quality Contract (AQC) in response to continued health care spending growth.
In the AQC, physicians and other providers assumed financial risk if they spent more than a global budget, but shared savings with the insurer if spending was under budget.