AQCSAnalytical Quality Control Services
AQCSAir Quality Compliance Solutions (California)
AQCSAutomatic Quality Control System (Kistler)
AQCSApproximate Quantified Constraint Solving (computer algebra)
AQCSAir Quality Control System (meteorology)
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Murtuza Hyder, Power Analyst for GlobalData, explains: "Regulatory bodies in developing countries have made several amendments to the existing environmental acts which, along with the harmful health effects of air pollutants, are likely to mobilize the installation of AQCS in the power industry across the regions.
Indeed, the implementation of emission norms across major countries such as China, India, and the US, between 2010 and 2015, resulted in AQCS market value rising at a CAGR of 13.
China Huadian Corporation is one of China's five largest electricity companies and quickly made a decision to adopt FMH's High Efficiency AQCS system, which includes the latest MHPS technology.
MHPS offers AQCS products, such as selective catalytic NOx reduction (SCR), desulfurization equipment, electrostatic precipitators, GGH heat recovery equipment, GGH re-heaters and mercury removal equipment, etc.
In Saudi Arabia, Alstom's AQCS expertise is demonstrated in both the Shoaiba III and Rabigh power stations, where the latest Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) and Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) systems were fitted.
Alstom's consortium partner, Cerrey SA de CV is responsible for the design, fabrication and delivery of 6x80 MW oil and gas-fired boilers and Alstom for the AQCS system, consisting of a Selective Catalyst Reducer and Alstom's patented NID flue gas desulphurisation system for each boiler.
From shot to shot, AQCS will choose different transfer pressure points because of variations in feedstock viscosity, but the AQCS will hold a consistent maximum cavity pressure.
At the symposium, Bauer announced that the AQCS cavity-pressure control system will soon be embodied in a computer chip that can be installed in a variety of OEM controllers - thanks to EuroMAP integration standards.
The representative office in Hanoi will progressively strengthen its capabilities in gathering information relating to local development plans, especially relating to gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC), coal-fired, and AQCS installations, and in disseminating pertinent information to customers.
Tender notice number : AQCS (ND)/16-17/manpower/epro/1