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AQFAy Que Funny (Spanish: That Is Funny)
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(1) Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF)
In the 2017-18 budget, the Australian Government announced a review of the AQF, which will ensure that the framework continues to meet the needs of students, employers, education providers and the wider community.
(136) After noting concerns that the training requirements under ASIC's RG 146 to become qualified to provide financial advice in Australia could be satisfied in as little as three days (in contrast to the degree-level requirements for many other professions), as well as the lack of consistent measures of measuring the competence of financial advisers the PJC Committee recommended raising the minimum educational standards for financial advisers to a degree qualification at level seven of the AQF. (137) The committee further recommended that in line with similar jurisdictions, new financial advisers should be required to pass a registration examination, and also satisfactorily complete a structured professional year.
There was a strong correlation evident between socioeconomic disadvantage and the AQF level of study.
Contract notice: Project 22 254/1 - Grimbergen, Strombeek disconnection phase 1 (AQF) and municipal projects (phase A and phase B).
Table 4 Anti-inflammatory effect of the oral (p.o.) and intraperitoneal (i.p.) administration of aqueous fraction (AqF) of Croton celtidifolius in the mouse paw edema model.
It is performed using the Mitsubishi AQF 100, an automated in-line combustion system, combined with the GA-100, which is designed to trap the products liberated during combustion and interface with the IC system.
Dantex Graphics showed the Aquaflex AQF 480 and 900 E/EF digital in-line platemaking unit and AQF 500 Digital combination processor.
The dual-accreditation systems operating in the classes we observed were the Higher School Certificate (HSC), a written examination-based system that is associated with the school system and that regulates entry to university by converting achievement in subjects studied into a common scale and a single university entrance score; and the Australian Qualifications Framework Certificate II (AQF), an assessment regime that is recognised for industrial awards, that has been traditionally taught through TAFE or workplaces and that requires assessment places and assessors to be registered and accredited as Registered Training Organisation by a system that has regard to recent and relevant industrial experience, quality of the equipment and so on.
an AQF Certificate I or II.' This adviser also went on to make the link between VET and the employment-readiness of students, claiming: 'One other thing that makes a big difference there is that they [the students] are able to get references and proof of experience from their mandatory work placement, which of course is what employers are looking for.'
The 'Associate Professionals' are the occupations for which the ASCO designates an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Diploma or higher as the relevant level of qualification.
This result is consistent with current AQF credit agreements for TAFE diploma and four-year degrees (Keating, 2006).