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AQHAverage Quarter Hour (radio ratings)
AQHAmerican Quarter Horse
AQHAcademic Quality Handbook (UK)
AQHAccess Quality Health (Boston, MA)
AQHAffordable Quality Homes (Australia)
AQHAverage Quarter of an Hour (advertising)
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While Classic Hits won the "summer swing," its average AQH share for the months June-August ranked fifth behind News/Talk 9.6%; AC 7.7%; Country 7.4%; and, Pop CHR 6.7%.
The aqueous humor (AqH) was also collected for further investigations.
Histological Evaluation of the Anterior Segment and Quantification ofLeukocytes in the AqH. In a separate experiment, three rats in each group were randomly selected and sacrificed at days 10, 14,17, and 20, respectively.
The formula for audience share is AQH divided by HUT.
But if your spouse listens one time for five minutes, he/she is counted only on that one day for AQH. But the cumulative counts each of you once that week.
Moving Drive Time Ranked by AQH share of listeners age 12 and older, Monday-Friday, 6-10 a.m.
Some15% of women told us they use headphones for half or more of their radio listening.If that listening was not accurately measured it can have a massive impact on radio AQH."
The site is being developed into a prime, purpose-built student block by developer AQH Mickelsfield.
Tenders are invited for Affordable Quality Healthcare Project (AQH) aims to ensure that the health of the population of Kosovo improves, with strengthened healthcare providers and managers able to meet the needs of the patients (especially vulnerable groups).
The average quarter-hour (AQH) share is the percent of listeners 12 and older tuned in to a specific station at a specific time.
KMOX had an AQH share of 10.3 in the most recent book, dominating the market even though the station dropped 0.8 from the year before.
Using market pop and demographic data, Triton audiences are represented in AQH and Cume ratings.