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AQMAir Quality Management
AQMActive Queue Management
AQMAcute Quadriplegic Myopathy (neuromuscular disorder)
AQMAltitude Qualifying Miles (Air Canada)
AQMAcquisition Management
AQMAdditive Quark Model
AQMAssistant Quartermaster (Civil War)
AQMAnalog Quadrature Modulator
AQMAcenaphthenequinone Monoxime
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8 July 2019 - Luxembourg-based consumer products testing provider Eurofins Scientific has acquired China-based AQM, providing product inspection and factory audit services in EMEA and Asia, the company said.
There are some other AQM algorithms based on controller, such as AOPC [18], RQM [19], PI [20], REM [21], and adaptive REM [22].
"The first AQMS was commissioned in 2014 and by the end of the year, we plan to establish a total of six stations across the greater Doha area.
where AQm is the minimum annual quantity that needs to be reached.
In 2012, over 1,500 AQM prisoners escaped from Abu-Ghraib jail just west of Baghdad, and Maleki was said to have turned a blind eye to that on orders from IRGC's QF head Gen Qassem Suleimani.
By then, AQM had grown to become the most effective insurgent force against the US occupation in Iraq.
Although several AQM schemes were developed, they handle all the traffic types by the same strategy.
Cagaptay wrote for CNN: "By not taking responsibility for its attacks in Turkey, ISIS wants to do the same [as AQM did on Feb.
In 2012, the US Treasury Department exposed Iran's support for al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM), which in 2013 became known as ISIS.
In BLUE AQM algorithm the congestion is managed through packet loss and link utilization history.
He joined Zarqawi's AQM after the US invasion and was jailed by the American military.
May-June 2012: About 1,500 AQM fighters escaped from west of Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison including Baghdadi, allegedly with then QF-guided Iraqi PM Nuri al-Maleki turning a blind eye - according to one of his Shi'ite ministers from al-Fadhila Party.