AQMAAir Quality Management Area (UK)
AQMAAir Quality Maintenance Area
AQMAAmerican Quarter Midget Association (Sacramento, CA)
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Caerleon is one of 11 air quality management areas (AQMAs) across Newport where nitrogen dioxide concentrations breach air quality standards.
When an AQMA is declared the local authority must produce an action plan within 12 months thereafter.
MCPs in towns and cities with AQMAs may well be subjected to emissions limits of those pollutants that are unachievable with certain fuels or without additional abatement.
"The AQMA has been introduced which stretches along Jesmond Road to Heaton Road," he said.
A notice of motion to the council reads: "Consideration should now be given to the establishment of an AQMA to meet residents' concerns about the concentration of industry and traffic in the a r ea."
Walsall Council cabinet approved the declaration of the AQMA in November 2007 and the order came into effect on March 1.
Environment experts at the council are now proposing to declare the area an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) - but officers say people should not be worried.
Although Castle Street was the only street in the city indicated to be potentially in breach of the legal directive, the council also has a number of air quality management areas (AQMA) where the level of roadside nitrogen dioxide is approaching and in some locations exceeds the limits required by law.
Mr Wood said: "The law says where this is the case we must declare the area as an air quality management area (AQMA).
"The area has been designated as an airquality management area (AQMA) and the council is working alongside key stakeholders to look at options to improve the air quality."