AQMPAir Quality Management Plan
AQMPAir Quality Maintenance Plan
AQMPAir Quality Monitoring Program
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The original 2012 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) mentioned the evaluation and potential "complete phase-out" of the Small Container Exemption; whereas, the final rule includes changes to the Small Container Exemption (SCE) for 15 categories, four of which can continue to be sold for touch-up.
While the presence of a community is considered for the site selection of monitoring stations within the guidelines of an AQMP, community characteristics, such as vulnerability, are not.
An AQMP for the municipality, but with specific emphasis on South Durban (home to two major oil refineries, a paper mill, an international airport, a sewerage treatment plant, a heavily trafficked motorway, several landfill sites, small-scale mills, and manufacturing and processing plants), was developed in 2006.
with the proposed measures are not realized, the 1994 AQMP must seek
RECLAIM was designed to reduce the cost of achieving the AQMP emissions reductions and to respond to Southern California's severe recession.
The allocation of RTCs declines each year at a facility-specific rate equivalent to the average reductions that would have been achieved under the AQMP's plan to implement CAC regulations.
In evaluating RECLAIM, the District initially focused on the first criterion, since the District legally is obligated to adopt an AQMP that will meet the standards.
The first included (i) industries that faced Tier 1 control measures in the 1991 AQMP but that were not yet subject to new rules requiring explicit emissions reductions and (ii) firms that expected to lose a competitive advantage.
The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is the intergovernmental agency with primary responsibility for promulgating a SIP for the Basin.(82) The SCAQMD refers to its SIP as the "Air Quality Management Plan" (AQMP), the latest version being the "Final 1991 AQMP," promulgated in July, 1991.(83)
On August 31, ACA submitted detailed comments to California's South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) on its proposed 2012 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP), which includes potential future measures for volatile organic compound (VOC) emission limits from Architectural and Industrial Maintenance (AIM) coatings.
Among the more novel of AQMP's measures are: Control of Emissions from Large Commercial Bakeries,(105) Eliminate Excessive Car Dealership Cold Starts,(106) and Control of Dust Emissions from Agricultural Tilling.(107) The Plan leans heavily on twenty-four Tier I transportation and land use control measures to effect change in vehicular emissions.(108) Thus, Tier I has a broad sweep and is designed to dramatically alter Californians' private and commercial behaviors.