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AQPAny Qualified Provider (healthcare; UK)
AQPAquaporin (family of membrane channel proteins)
AQPAdaptive Queuing Protocol
AQPAttribute Query Protocol
AQPAir Quality Program (various organizations)
AQPAssociation for Quality and Participation
AQPAdvanced Qualification Program (aviation)
AQPAlberta Quality Program (Alberta, Canada)
AQPArequipa, Peru - Rodriguez Ballon (Airport Code)
AQPAdvance Quality Planning
AQPApproximate Query Processing
AQPAffordable Quality Pharmaceuticals (Garden Grove, CA)
AQPAir Quality Professionals, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
AQPAcquisition Processor
AQPAirworthiness Qualification Plan
AQPAcquisition Quality Plan
AQPAutomation Quality Program
AQPAddiction to Quirky Products (website)
AQPAssuming the Q Position (medical slang: deteriorating or dying with tongue hanging out)
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It had been well accepted that the transport of water was due to simple diffusion through the lipid bilayer until the aquaporins (AQPs)were found (Gomes et al., 2009).
They were treated in the following way; G-I = 10 ml/kg/p.o, normal saline, G-II = 10 ml/kg/p.o, 5% CMC, G-III and IV = 200 mg/kg/p.o, piracetam, G-V to VII = aqP.a in doses 200, 400 and 800 mg/kg/p.o, respectively and G-VIII to G-X = nhP.a doses 200, 400 and 800 mg/kg/p.o, respectively, for seven days consecutively.
Aquaporin 5 (AQP 5), HMGB1, and p-NF-[kappa]B expression in AT I cells
In general, urea passes through AQP or active transport in a hyperosmotic saline solution or dehydration.
The IDR reflects a one-notch uplift to factor in the strong support AQP receives from its parent, Region of Puglia.
AQP water and solute channels are localized at the cellular interface with the surroundings and must be considered players in such adaptation processes (Fadiel et al., 2009).
In stark contrast, he said: The AQP policy puts services straight out to the market - with a clear agenda that private-sector providers should be chosen.
Un agente quimico permeabilizante (AQP) es el Triton X-100[R] (TX-100[R]), un detergente no ionico ampliamente utilizado para desnaturalizar membranas y para permeabilizar cultivos celulares de Catharanthus roseus (alcaloides), Thalictrum rugosum (berberina) y Chenopodium rubrum (betanina; Brodelius, 1988).
Our understanding of renal physiology and pathophysiology has advanced greatly as we account for the subtle implications of various AQP systems.
The Air Quality Partnership (AQP) of the Delaware Valley, a coalition of business, government and environmental groups from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania working to help improve regional air quality, recently co-hosted an event with the Philadelphia Diesel Difference Initiative to kick off the region's ninth Ozone Action Season.