AQPCAux Quatre Points Cardinaux (French: At the Four Cardinal Points; Canada)
AQPCAir Quality Planning Council (Colorado)
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The results of the menu evaluation by AQPC showed that there was an improvement in the nutritional and sensory qualities after the performed intervention.
The color monotony component was among the most inadequate as found in others studies that used the AQPC method (16,17), but none showed higher values than that found in this study before the intervention, nor lower values than those found after the intervention.
The only AQPC component that had unsatisfactory results after the intervention was the presence of fruits.
Besides AQPC, an evaluation of the waste-ingestion and clean leftovers was essential to control the production process and the food waste.
The AQPC method was applied considering first the evaluation of the daily menus, then weekly, and finally evaluating monthly menus.
According to the analysis of the menus of the different municipalities according to the AQPC method, it was observed that the amount of fruits and vegetables recommended by the PNAE (3 servings of fruit and vegetables weekly) on all locations studied.
Aside from Guarulhos (79%), all cities had a supply of fruit in 100% of the days, unlike the results found by Christmann, (14) who evaluated a state school in Guarapuava-PR, and Menegazzo et al., (4) who reviewed the menus of a state school in the city of Florianopolis-SC, both by the AQPC method.
It is also suggested to use other tools for evaluating the quality of meals served in schools, such as an index of healthy meal, or cut-off points for the parameters (color, cooking techniques, presence of fruit, dairy products) used in the AQPC method.