AQPLApplied Quantum Physics Laboratory (Chalmers University of Technology; Gothenburg, Sweden)
AQPLAnthony Quinn Public Library (Los Angeles, CA)
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Abid Junaid, Executive Director, ETA Star Properties, said: "Though Al Qurum Properties LLC (AQPL) is a recently formed organization, it embodies the collective values of Trust, Expertise and Results inherited from both the parent companies-ETA Star Properties and OHI.
Abid Junaid, Executive Director of ETA Star Properties, said: "Qaryat Qurum is the maiden venture of AQPL and we are very excited about this project.
In addition to a significant amount of aqp4 mRNA in the rectal gland, there are even greater amounts of aqpl mRNA, while antibody studies show only low levels of Aqpl protein abundance in a selection of secretory tubules.
Furthermore, there is intense Aqpl staining in a layer of cells just underneath the rectum/colon luminal epithelial surface layer (not shown).