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AQTApple Quicktime
AQTArmy Qualification Test (marksmanship)
AQTAcademic Quiz Team (various organizations)
AQTAverage Queue Time (internet relay chat)
AQTAlzheimer's Quick Test
AQTAnalytical Query Time
AQTAviation Qualification Test
AQTAcceptable Quality Test
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% * GES 121 37 AQT 9 5 NAU 98 40 DMP 71 22 AES 52 31 POU 127 52 INK 49 15 ANL 89 54 SAU 19 7 AGA 13 5 CER 14 8 APO 48 14 COR 3 1 HZA 17 6 Extensao Novidade Cod.
Having worked with and analyzed this industry, AQT Solution's has developed ATMS for Regulatory Compliance knowing there is a significant need for a practical training, scheduling, recordkeeping, grading and testing system.
Johansson et al., "A Quick Test of Cognitive Speed (AQT): usefulness in dementia evaluations in primary care," Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, vol.
(2) While a number of sanctions regimes (e.g., those focusing on Somalia, Liberia, Iran, and international terrorism) include targeted sanctions, the al-Qaeda/Taliban (AQT) sanctions regime is of particular importance.
Tell you what: Order any set of 25m AQT targets between now and midnight Dec 31, and I'll include the target which, in 13 rounds, will tell you what you don't know: how far off you are effective with a rifle.
Video Subtitles: Support sub, srt, rt, txt, smi, ssa, aqt, Idx and mks
Two of the patients, along with another MS patient, were advised by Dr Trossel to undergo a treatment called Aqua Tilis therapy (AQT )- described by one as "completely bizarre" - involving "antioxidant steam" with "magnetic fields made from generators".
The course of fire focuses on a 40-shot Army Qualification Test (AQT), done at 25 meters with reduced-size targets intended to duplicate Army bobbers at 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards.
International Resource News-7 May 2010-Gartner selects AQT as 'Cool Vendor'(C)2010 ENPublishing -
TABLE 1 Nonsmoker Life Expectancies in Years Issue Age Male Female Dementia * 70 17.6 19.2 3 80 10.6 12.0 2 90 4.9 6.2 1 * Approximate life expectancy based on clinical studies Source: Data based on the Society of Actuaries 2008 valuation basic table (VBT) TABLE 2 Cognitive Tests That Could Be Used For Life Insurance * Alzheimer's Quick Test (AQT) * Clock Drawing Test * Delayed Word Recall (DWR) * Enhanced Mental Skills Test (EMST) * Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE) * Minnesota Cognitive Acuity Screen (MCAS) Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire (SPMSQ) Source: Al Klein, Milliman, Inc., Chicago office
The year-over-year growth was primarily attributable to strong aftermarket consumables sales for the business-installed base of acute care diagnostic instrumentation, sales of the business' compact version of its blood gas analysis instrument, as well as sales resulting from the launch of the business' AQT cardiac marker during 2008.
The coefficient of the AQt Dummy is negative (-0.087) and statistically significant at the 0.047 level.