AQVAnticoncepcion Quirurgica Voluntaria (voluntary surgical contraception)
AQVAuthorized Quilt Vendor (computing)
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(5) Carlos Cal Brandao, FUNO (Querra em Timor) (Lisbon: Edicoes AQV, 1946), 31-3; and Fernando Limas, Timor--da Querra do Pacifico a Desanexacao (Macau: Instituto Internacional de Macau, 2002), 32.
The family-planning program promoted by the Fujimori administration, which included voluntary surgical contraception (Anticoncepcion Quirugica Voluntario, AQV), was part of the national population law (Lay Nacional de Poblacion) aimed at reducing the birth rate to 2.5 children per family by 2000.
The report of the Ministerio de Salud's AQV Commission, said Carbone, "places responsibility at the highest levels of the executive, which organized the forced sterilizations and gave the instructions.
In September 2001, MINSA created the Comision Especial sobre Actividades de Anticoncepcion Quirugica Voluntaria (AQV).
An amperometric end-point detection method is now available for the AQV series.