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AQWAAquarium of Western Australia
AQWAAsian Quality Water Association
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aqwa Cemetery is a positive endeavour in meeting the community burial need."
For all things fishy, dip into the AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia) where you can dare to dive with sharks.
Iranian, Syrian, Turkish, Palestinian and Lebanese speakers with take the word with cleric Raed Salah, bishop Attalah Hanna speaking through TV link 19:00 Ceremony organized by Maronite Monastic Orders in memory of two saints with father Salim Rajjeh officiating over mess service at Saint Theresa convent Shayle 19:00 Ali Assi, calligrapher honored by Culture minister Salim Warde at UNESCO palace 21:00 Under the patronage of House Speaker Nabih Berri and Amal movement, a dinner Gala is given in honor of Iranian ambassador to Lebanon Ghadamfar Abadi 21:00 Dinner party organized by MP Emile Rahme in honor of Syrian ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdulkarim Ali at the Aqwa Marina hotel Tabarja
Latifa also makes sure that she doesn't like singing political songs, but she has a song in her new album that talks about the Arabs situation and it is called "Kona Zaman Aqwa" (We were stronger in the past).
The first phase of the new initiative, AqWa - Aquaculture Wales, will promote diversification which will lead to the creation of up to 50 new farm based production systems and support 60 small businesses.
"powerful from..." is a misreading of the comparative aqwa min, namely "more powerful than....
That is despite security camera footage from the Aqwa Mist nightclub in Puerto Banus showing Miss Klavina being seemingly forced into the car, occupied by Capper and Porter.
Most cretinous (quite the achievement) is Josh "Oi-Oi!" Ortega, "PR for News Cafe, Plaza Beach and Aqwa Mist".
The Objective One backed AqWa - Aquaculture Wales - initiative aims to spearhead the growth of a dynamic new fish farming industry in Wales.