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AR1American Roadster 1 (Aston Martin automobile model)
AR1Activating Region 1
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Second, we form factors using the AR1 forecasts ([r.sub.AR1]) from Table V instead of the combination forecasts.
The present study aimed at investigating the removal of AR1 dye pollutant from aqueous-based solutions using electrocoagulation which utilizes a recirculating tubular reactor having punched anode.
In enabling the new AR1 service, which will offer superior transit times, together we allow customers to more efficiently streamline their supply chains.
Huddersfield& District League Barlow Cup Final: Referee Alan Kelly, AR1 Chris Hinchliffe, AR2 Ryan Brooke, 4th Official Arnie Thorpe.
The observed tail probability (the probability of Nino3 reaching its observed DEC2015 magnitude) is underestimated by the Gaussian AR1 PDF, but not by the skewed SGS PDF.
strain PCC6803 (3.3 [micro]g/mL-9.42 [micro]M), Escherichia coli (33 [micro]g/mL-94.2 [micro]M) (10) and Ralstonia pickets AR1 (20 [micro]g/mL-62.8 [micro]M) (24).
Due to series access transistors (AL1, AL2 and AR1, AR2) in 10T structure, the write ability can be an issue.
Arviat participants included two local bear patrollers (AR1, who had also participated in polar bear surveys, and AR2), regional wildlife (AR3) and HTO (AR20) board members, and previous wildlife and assistant wildlife officers (AR15 and AR8).
(-3)) 0.3374 0.2661 [3.37] *** [3.97] *** D(LrVAa(-1)) -0.7861 -0.5249 D(LrTURNa(-1)) [-1.81] * [-1.56] D(LrVAa(-2)) 0.2867 0.2233 D(LrTURNa(-2)) [0.82] [0.55] D(LrVAa(-3)) 0.3095 0.4802 D(LrTURNa(-3)) [1.01] [1.534] Constant -0.1771 -0.1023 [-1.79] * [-1.54] R-squared 0.687 0.669 Adjusted R-squared 0.607 0.585 Log likelihood 112.6 111.0 F-statistic 8.579 7.930 Akaike info criterion -3.321 -3.268 Schwarz criterion -2.867 -2.814 (a) Pedroni tests 2.33E-02 3.15E-02 (b) Wooldridge AR1 0.4765 0.3740 (c) Granger precedence 6.79E-02 9.33E-265 (0.5472) (9.73E-35) Sample (adjusted): 1999-2008 Periods: 10, Cross-sections: 6 COINTEGRATING (2a) (2b) EQUATION (METHOD) Depend.
Previous Aston Martin Zagato convertibles have included the striking V8 Vantage Volante, first shown in Geneva in 1987 and the DB AR1 in 2003.
Stoner's prototype projects during that timeframe included a bolt-action sniping rifle (AR1), a semiautomatic caliber 7.62x51mm NATO rifle (AR3) and a 12-gauge shotgun with an aluminum bore and receiver (AR-9).