AR2Activating Region 2
AR2Automatic Ripcord Release
AR2Argonne Advanced Research Reactor
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A whole segment almost scale less showing the Palp-pit hole; magnification in B and C (circle); Ar2 = Mesial segment, Ar3 = Distal segment, Pp = Palp-pit.
Huddersfield& District League Barlow Cup Final: Referee Alan Kelly, AR1 Chris Hinchliffe, AR2 Ryan Brooke, 4th Official Arnie Thorpe.
AR2 Rebutting Although it was a counterarguments problem of the rural community, it is not a good name because others joined later on.
The reaction mixture was then refluxed for 7h at 80[degrees]C under Ar2 protection and detected by thin layer chromatography (TLC) assay.
Due to series access transistors (AL1, AL2 and AR1, AR2) in 10T structure, the write ability can be an issue.
(% of GDP) Financialization index p values Sargan test 0,554 0,635 0,548 AR1 of error 0,235 0,205 0,212 AR2 of error 0,511 0,346 0,425 Source: Own calculations Variables Model 4 Model 5 Slopes GINI (t-1) -0,029 0.206 *** GDP growth (%) 0,036 -0,025 Unemployment (%) -0,014 0,6 Female unemployment (%) 0,272 -0,274 Wage growth (%) -0,125 -0,077 Social expenditure (% of GDP) -0.503 ** -0,453 Current account balance -0,009 0,008 Remittances (% of GDP) 0,964 1,13 Rate of migration -0,019 -0,092 FIRE value added (%) Employment in FIRE (%) Private sector debt (% of GDP) Market capital.
Arviat participants included two local bear patrollers (AR1, who had also participated in polar bear surveys, and AR2), regional wildlife (AR3) and HTO (AR20) board members, and previous wildlife and assistant wildlife officers (AR15 and AR8).
(30.) Jafarzadehpur E, Kermani RM2, Mohhamadi AR2, Nateghi MR2, Fazeli AS3, Kashi KM1.J Family Ocular Manifestations in Infants Resulted from Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).
Interrupted time series models for the TC LHIN hospitals * Model parameters Parameter Standard estimate error Downtown hospitals Centre for Addiction and Mental Health AR1 0.3 0.13 AR2 -0.1 0.15 Campaign 182.5 17.05 University Health Network AR1 0.6 0.11 AR2 0.0 0.14 Campaign 140.1 30.79 St.