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AR3Activating Region 3
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A whole segment almost scale less showing the Palp-pit hole; magnification in B and C (circle); Ar2 = Mesial segment, Ar3 = Distal segment, Pp = Palp-pit.
Caption: Norinco AR3 launcher can be fitted with 300 or 370 mm rockets that can reach targets at a range of 280 km.
Gages SR1, SR2, AR1, and AR2 were located at a range of 0.61 m from the charge; gages SR3, SR4, AR3, and AR4 were located at a range of 1.22 m from the charge.
Te same behavior has also been reported in several very recent studies using IPCC AR3 or IPCC AR4 models on a regional scale [52-54].
As the OTS are decomposed twice, R2, R3, ..., R12 and S12 are multiplied by 1/2 and renamed as AR2, AR3, ..., AR12 and AS12 to ensure that the summation of all the extracted time series is equal to the OTS.
El almidon resistente (AR) ha sido clasificado en cuatro grupos: el AR1 que constituye el almidon de dificil acceso fisico, el AR2 que son los granulos de almidon no gelatinizados, el AR3 es el almidon retrogradado y finalmente el AR4, conformado por el almidon modificado quimicamente, los cuales han recibido mucha atencion, tanto por sus potenciales beneficios para la salud, como por sus propiedades funcionales.
To reinforce the new 'consensus' in the AR3 and AR4 reports, Monckton argues, the climate science community swung in behind the so-called "hockey stick" graph that purported to show modern warming was the highest ever in recorded history.
This region is consistent with "Antigenic Domain B" defined by Keck and colleagues and "Antigenic Region 3" (AR3) as defined by Law et al.
Irregular Experts ID Expert Name 1 ARIMA (0,0,1)s 2 ARIMA (0,1,0) 3 ARIMA (0,1,1) 4 ARIMA(0,1,1)(1,0,0)s NOINT 5 ARIMA (0,1,1)s NOINT 6 ARIMA (1,0,0) 7 ARIMA (1,0,0)s 8 ARIMA (1,0,1)s 9 ARIMA (1,1,0) 10 ARIMA (1,1,2) 11 ARIMA (2,0,0) 12 ARIMA (2,0,0)(1,0,0)s 13 ARIMA (3,0,0)(1,0,0)s 14 Linear Exponential 15 Linear Trend AR1 16 Linear Trend AR2 17 Linear Trend AR3 18 Log ARIMA (0,0,1)s 19 Log ARIMA (0,1,0) 20 Log ARIMA(0,1,1)(1,0,0)s NOINT 21 Log ARIMA (0,1,1)s NOINT 22 Log ARIMA (1,0,0) 23 Log ARIMA (1,0,0)s 24 Log ARIMA (1,0,1)s 25 Log ARIMA (1,1,0) 26 Log ARIMA (1,1,2) 27 Log ARIMA (2,0,0) 28 Log ARIMA(2,0,0)(1,0,0)s 29 Log (3,1,1) NOINT 30 Log Linear Exponential 31 Log Linear Trend AR1 32 Log Linear Trend AR2 33 Log Linear Trend AR3 34 Random Table A3.
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