AR5Assessment Report 5 (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)
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Perhaps more to the point, the new IPCC Global Warming of 1.5[degrees]C report is inconsistent with the AR5 from 2013, which was vastly more detailed and far more modest than commonly asserted in its claims about looming climate phenomena.
We also compared the results of this study with the temperature increase resulting from the RCP scenarios, reported in IPCC AR5 [16, 34].
Baseline and Alternative Refrigerant Data ASHRAE GWP, (a) GWP, (a) Refrigerant Safety AR4 AR5 Class (c) R-22 unit R-22 (Baseline) (a) A1 1810 1760 N-20B (b) A1 988 904 DR-3 (b) A2L 148 146 ARM-20B (b) A2L 251 251 L-20A (R-444B) (b) A2L 295 295 DR-93 (b) A1 1258 1153 Propane (R-290) A3 3 3 R-410A unit R-410A (Baseline) (a) A1 2088 1924 ARM-71A (b) A2L 460 461 R-32 (a) A2L 675 677 DR-55 (b) A2L 698 676 L41-2 (R-447A) (b) A2L 583 572 HPR-2A (b) A2L 600 593 (a) Sources: IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Assessment Report AR4 (IPCC 2007), IPCC AR5 (IPCC 2013) (b) GWP values for refrigerant blends not included in IPCC reports are calculated as a weighted average using manufacturer-supplied compositions.
Nomenclature Abbreviations IPCC AR5: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report 5 PV: Photovoltaic [P.sub.PV]: Photovoltaic power output CSP: Concentrating Solar Power [H.sub.0]: Extraterrestrial solar radiation CNES National Center of Solar Energy [I.sub.0]: Solar constant kWp: Kilowatt peak [K.sub.G]: Daily clearness index H: Horizontal global solar radiation [P.sub.rad]: Radiation received by the panel [E.sub.d]: Daily energy yield [E.sub.m]: Monthly energy yield G: Global solar radiation A: Area of the panel.
Cooperation is based on long-term mutual trust between research teams who work at a high scientific level; among others, 14 lead authors of the IPCC's latest Assessment Report (AR5) are active members of the network.
al., Climate Change 2014: Syntheses Report, IPCC 16 (2015), AR5 FINAL full.pdf.
IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), Working Group II Report "Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability".