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The scores: First Game NorthPort 107 Tautuaa 34, Bolick 22, Lanete 16, Anthony 14, Taha 12, Ibeh 9, Araaa 0.
Araaa scored the first two baskets off post-ups against Escandor, a rookie.
Ratuiste was a former teammate of Araaa at the University of Santo Tomas, after which they both transferred schools.
RAIN OR SHINE 99Chan 23, Tang 12, Cruz Jervy 11, Teng 10, QuiAahan 10, Uyloan 9, Cruz Jericho 8, Lee 7, Norwood 4, Almazan 3, Belga 2, IbaAes 0, Tiu 0, AraAa 0.
The scores: First Game NorthPort 103 Anthony 22, Bolick 19, Ibeh 19, Grey 13, Tautuaa 12, Taha 9, Elorde 5, Araaa 4, Flores 0.
Rain or Shine managed to get the victory despite losing Ryan AraAa to a hamstring injury during the game and Chris Tiu and talisman Paul Lee sitting out the match.
Gomez De Liaao, who in his first assignment defeated Arellano University's Justin Araaa, hit a long bomb of his own to retake the lead, 4-3.
Maria Luz AraAa, a fire victim, received at least five sacks for 17 members of her household.
Rence Alcoriza added 13 while power forward Justin Araaa chipped in 11.
They do have former UST forward Justin Araaa and former San Sebastian Stag Alfren Gayosa to help out.
UP's Joe Gomez De Liaao defeats AU's Araaa in 'King of the Hardcourt' !-- -- Rick Olivares ( - May 14, 2019 - 11:33am MANILA, Philippines - Move over Javi and Juan Gomez De Liaao.
Earlier, UP's Joe Gomez De Liaao defeated Arellano University's Justin Araaa, 8-6 in the Hanes One-On-One King of the Hardcourt.