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ARABAlgemeen Reglement voor de Arbeidsbescherming (Dutch: General Regulations for Labor; Belgium)
ARABAntifaschistische Revolutionäre Aktion Berlin
ARABAncient Records of Assyria and Babylonia (Daniel David Luckenbill)
ARABAssociation of Racing Arabian Breeders (Michigan)
ARABAustralian Research Assembly on Brassicas (est. 1977)
ARABAssociation of Ridgecrest Arabian Breeders (California)
ARABActive, Retentive, Anchorage, Baseplate (orthodontic upper removable appliance design)
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Tarzan and Abdul found seats near the center of the room, though the terrific noise produced by the musicians upon their Arab drums and pipes would have rendered a seat farther from them more acceptable to the quiet-loving ape-man.
For another half hour nothing unusual occurred, then a surly-looking Arab entered the cafe from the street.
"They are Arabs, galloping at the top of their speed; I can make them out distinctly.
By the efforts they make, and the irregularity of their line, I should fancy that those Arabs are pursuing some one, instead of following."
"But for him we might carry on our 'trading' in safety and with great profit," continued the Arab. "For years he has fought us, driving us from the richest part of the country, harassing us, and arming the natives that they may repel us when we come to 'trade.' He is very rich.
He saw the Arab's eyes narrow, and he guessed that the other had sensed his antagonism to the plan.
Playing before one of the Arab tents was a little girl of ten--a black-haired, black-eyed little girl who, with her nut-brown skin and graceful carriage looked every inch a daughter of the desert.
She shrunk aside in an attempt to scramble from the path of the leathern-faced old Arab; but she was not quick enough.
But trees and bushes grow above many of these ruins now; the miserable huts of a little crew of filthy Arabs are perched upon the broken masonry of antiquity, the whole place has a sleepy, stupid, rural look about it, and one can hardly bring himself to believe that a busy, substantially built city once existed here, even two thousand years ago.
If these Arabs be like the other Arabs, their love for their beautiful mares is a fraud.
de Bragelonne, and with such inveteracy was it fought that a hundred and sixty Arabs were left upon the field, by the side of at least fifty of our troops.
Then followed the details of the expedition, and of the victory obtained over the Arabs. D'Artagnan stopped at the account of the death of poor Raoul.