ARAEAmateur Rowing Association of the East (est. 1933)
ARAEAerosol Angstrom Exponent
ARAEAmerican Retail Association Executives
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The star zeta Arae is situated 3 degrees further south of epsilon and is like no other star in this constellation.
Still further south, halfway between zeta and eta Arae is the very interesting R Arae (HD149730-Henry Draper Catalogue) the visual duplicity of which was discovered by John Herschel (HJ 4866) who called it 'a beautiful star'.
From Beta Arae, look 3[degrees] northeast toward 3.7-magnitude Theta ([theta]) Arae and you'll find the globular cluster NGC 6397.
Mu Arae was already known to harbor a Jupiter-sized planet with a 650- day orbital period.
This makes mu Arae a very exciting planetary system," he says.
Just 3[degrees] northeast of Beta, along a line toward Theta Arae and just north of 5.2-magnitude Pi ([pi]), is the big globular star cluster NGC 6397.
The newly discovered planet orbiting mu Arae is the most likely to be rocky because it probably formed so close to its hot parent star that its raw ingredients couldn't have been primarily ice, Boss says.
To the west of 3.1-magnitude Zeta ([zeta]) and 3.8-magnitude Eta ([eta]) Arae, and forming a triangle with the pair, is the 6th-magnitude variable R Arae.
Inspector Catherine Araes, a senior fingerprint expert at the Namibian Police said that Namibia is faced with challenges when it comes to solving crimes.
"We're called ARAES. That's short for Australian Rare and Endangered Species.
The LHC Justice remarked that smog do not spread in Rawalpindi and it took the araes into the grip from district Kharian to onwards and adjourned the hearing till December 18.
ISLAMABAD -- A mild earthquake has struck Khyber Pakhtoonkhaw,Punjab, Swat and its adjourning araes on Wednesday afternoon.