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ARAMISAutomated Engineering of Autonomous and Run-Time Evolving Systems (International Workshop)
ARAMISAmerican Rheumatism Association Medical Information System
ARAMISAdministration Research Actions Management Information System (Swiss Information System on Research and Development)
ARAMISAssociation pour la Recherche Avancée en Microélectronique et Intégration de Systèmes (French: Association for Research in Advanced Microelectronics and Systems Integration; Belgium)
ARAMISAdvanced Railway Management and Information System (Thales; Germany)
ARAMISAutomation, Robotics and Machine Intelligence System
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At the extremity of the village Planchet turned to the left in obedience to the orders of Aramis, and stopped underneath the window which had light in it.
"My friend," said Aramis, "if you like to ascend I shall be delighted to receive you."
"After nine at night, pardieu!" said Aramis, "the rule of the convent is very severe."
Since Aramis's singular transformation into a confessor of the order, Baisemeaux was no longer the same man.
Baisemeaux bowed, and made way for Aramis, who took the lantern and entered; and then signed to them to close the door behind him.
The young man gave Aramis a piercing glance, and answered, "I thank you." After a moment's silence, "I have seen you before," he continued.
Nevertheless, whether it was a tacit acknowledgment of the sanctity of the personage of Aramis and his character, or the habit of respecting him who imposed upon him morally, a worthy habit which had always made Porthos a model soldier and an excellent companion; for all these reasons, say we, Porthos preserved in the palace of His Greatness the Bishop of Vannes a sort of reserve which D'Artagnan remarked at once, in the attitude he took with respect to the valets and officers.
Porthos pressed the delicate hand of Aramis in his immense hands, and D'Artagnan remarked that His Greatness gave him his left hand, probably from habit, seeing that Porthos already ten times had been near injuring his fingers covered with rings, by pounding his flesh in the vise of his fist.
Between two embraces, Aramis looked D'Artagnan in the face, offered him a chair, sitting down himself in the shade, observing that the light fell full upon the face of his interlocutor.
While D'Artagnan was running through the streets and knocking at doors, Aramis had joined his companions; so that on returning him D'Artagnan found the reunion complete.
"The Bible," said Aramis, "make our belief in them a law; the ghost of Samuel appeared to Saul, and it is an article of faith that I should be very sorry to see any doubt thrown upon, Porthos."
"How is that?" cried Porthos and Aramis in a breath.