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ARANYAutomotive Recyclers Association of New York
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Arany hopes to take this work to human clinical trials.
Laszlo Irinyi said the Hungarian poet J[sz]nos Arany was asked to write a poem in praise of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.
(15.) Lewis GD, Farrell L, Wood MJ, Martinovic M, Arany Z, Rowe GC, et al.
Beer ranges in price from 380 forints (1.41 euro) for a half-litre of local Arany Aszok (Golden Aces) to 620 forints (2.30 euro) for Czech Pilsner Urquell.
Arany Santana, Jonatas Conceicao da Silva, and Paulo Cezar da Costa Cerqueira.
(1.) Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Babes-Bolyai University, 11 Arany Janos, 400028 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
With Hungarians, I inherited my father's taste for nineteenth-century frontrunners: Petofi, Vorosmarti, and especially Arany. There was also that great, truly modern poet Endre Ady, though I did not get to him till much later.
See Peter Davidhazi, Hunyt mesterunk: Arany Janos kritikusi oroksege, 2nd ed.